Adventure Land, Chapters 0 and 1

Adventure Land


The 4 main characters in Adventure Land are Hopen Gh. Hadegs, Jim T. L., Thomas. V. Washington, and Dr. Vace E. Stunt. They, along with Steven, visit exotic locale together until Steven disappears. Where is Steven, why did he disappear, how did he disappear, and just when did he disappear? The last question ‘Just when did he disappear?’ is the most crucial part in finding this lost member who left a huge gap.

Adventure Land itself could use a bit of explaining so you aren’t 100% stumped when you join the five. It is split into three realms, three peoples, and three languages. The two realms in Adventure Land are accessible from the main one, Est A’Phoilos. If you enter another realm, you can portal yourself back to Est A’Phoilos, or to the opposite side. The realms are in a triangular fashion. The top point of the triangle is Est A’Phoilos. The other two are Ame’Frez, and A’Sajak. The first language is Est’ement, the language of the Camentre in Est A’Phoilos; the second Fame’Frex in Ame’Frez, spoken by the Ame; and the third Fa’sajako in A’Sajak by the Sajace. The Ame and Sajace frequent Est A’Phoilos, while the Camentre of Est A’Phoilos tend to stay in their realm most of the time.

Let’s get you going!…


Dr. Stunt owned a mansion in <?<>?>Land>>. It was surrounded by a lush, garden-like yard that was filled with artifacts, including the first tennis racket, an old Model T, a mammoth tusk, a meteor, a T-Rex’s skeleton, along with an artifact you are about to find. We start the story outside the mansion, and, after returning from a hundred-year journey, you will return to the mansion and get a tour.

‘‘Hey, Jim! Guess what I found!’’ Hopen called across the yard.

“What? That’s no more than a really old concrete painting of a frog sticking out of the ground.” Jim came over with Thomas and Steven on his heels.

“I know. Isn’t it nice?”

“Hey, that’s no old painting. That’s a map they made and coded it with a frog. I’m going to try to get this out.” Steven said.

“You’re not getting that old thing out. I’ve tried a thousand times!” Hopen doubted.

“All right, then. I’ll try digging around it. Can you grab my flashlight please?”

Steven dug down and made a trench around the map so he could see the whole map. He peered at it closely. “Hey, guys, come over here!”

They walked towards him.

“See this X? That’s where we are. The black lines represent tunnels. They’re right under us. The left eye is the destination. This is a maze we have to go through correctly. Fortunately, they made it pretty easy for us. If you see a sign that says “!#@%▓☼&%%∩∩*Ẁ←┐#$♣♠▬♂▫□☻■☼☻fi◦$” then tell me right away. I’ll assign some jobs here. Hopen and Jim, could you try to find the tunnels? I’d suggest digging down. Thomas, can you help me try to pry this map out? Dr. Stunt, would you mind preparing an emergency kit?”

The five set to work; Hopen and Jim digging furiously downward, Thomas and Steven prying the map, and Dr. Stunt hurrying in the house preparing an emergency kit. Finally, Hopen grew frustrated and walked over to the map to try to figure out where they were supposed to dig. Thomas grabbed a pickaxe and slammed it into the back of the map to try to get it out, creating a shower of rocks and sending the map into Steven’s hand. “I see you were looking at the map. Did you want some help finding the tunnel?” Steven asked Hopen. Before Hopen could reply, Jim burst in shouting “HORRAY! I’ve found the tunnel!”

“Calm down,” Dr. Stunt huffed as he lugged an oversized duffel bag filled with blankets, pillows, and bean bags. “5 more coming…” he said. Next came a bag loaded with medicine, followed by one stuffed with 200 five-hundred page books, which was followed by a bag jammed with household articles. Following that, there came five foldable beds and two foldable couches. Finally, he brought out a humongous bag stuffed with so much food it was nearly ripping.

“I didn’t know that was an emergency kit,” Steven mused. “Maybe we could revise a bit?”

“Well, I thought that once we’re in this place, we’re stuck, and maybe we are even forced to do stunts so dangerous that one day we die. I brought some stuff to make our house feel comfortable, along with medicine.” Dr. Stunt groaned.

“It could just be a treasure trunk or something similar,” Steven conversed. “Let’s head on then. If everyone grabs a bag, it should work out, except that someone should carry two. I think if I carry the blankets bag and the medicine bag, if Hopen carries the bed bag, if Jim and Dr. Stunt rolls the food bag, and if Thomas carries the household bag, it should work out perfectly. I guess the reader will have to carry the book bag.”

The five headed down to the tunnel, Steven juggling the map, medicine bag, and the blankets; Thomas pushing the household bag on a trolley; Hopen dragging the furniture with Jim and Dr. Stunt bringing up the rear rolling the huge food bag; and you lugging the book bag on a rickety old skateboard you found around the back of the Stunt mansion. Upon reaching the tunnel, Steven stopped, and checked the map. Dropping the bags he was carrying, he ran back to the place where they had found the map and dug down until he reached the tunnel. Grabbing the bags again he yelled over his shoulder, “When I reach you, follow behind me.”

The plan worked smoothly. When Steven passed by them, they followed. The five headed down the curved tunnel. Soon, the sign reading “!#@%▓☼&%%∩∩*Ẁ←┐#$♣♠▬♂▫□☻■☼☻fi◦$” came into view and they took a left. A portal sat in the middle of the ground. As they walked over it one by one, they were sucked into the Est A’Phoilos realm. True adventures waited the five, along with you, as they were dropped smoothly onto another realm.


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