How Can I Shine?

There once lived a little unlit candle. He always wanted to shine so that he could light up the very big and dark room he lived in with the other candles. So he looked far and wide for something he could do to light up. Finally, he came upon a candle that shone brightly. It was the first candle he had seen that was shining!

He went up to the candle and asked him how if he could shine too. The candle told him to go to the Big Fire and ask it if it could make him shine.

So the little candle went off and found the Big Fire. He asked it if it could please make him shine. The Big Fire said ‘yes’ and gently put a little flame on his head.

The little candle was so happy! He was shining! He went off and told every candle he could about the Big Fire.


Jesus is the Big Fire. You can ask him to come into your life and light you up. He will! No matter what you have done wrong, he can still light you up. You won’t shine brightly on your body, but inside you will change.


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