Adventure Land, Chapter 3


The boys discussed this matter among themselves. Hopen told them that if they walk out into the Ame (the glowing things) guarding the door while attacking like a prayer warrior should, they would be a lot safer, plus, the Ame would be helping them too, so they would be 7 times as efficient. The battle, Thomas reminded them, was between the Ame and the Sajace, and they were not supposed to help the Sajace, but rather the Ame. Dr. Stunt joined in by saying the Sajace were strong enough to withstand them, but only if the Prayer warriors didn’t decide to go with the Ame. The Ame were after all, their helpers, not foes, Steven pointed out, and the Sajace, along with their “Sajacetic” practices could not help them in the day of the battle between the Sajace and the Ame. So, the obvious choice was to go out into the guardians and fight the enemy. But, unfortunately, though everybody agreed, not everybody was willing to carry it out at first.

Are you willing to go out empowered by the Ame and fight the holy battle?______________________

The ones that decided to go out went out and fought the Sajace. The Sajace turned and fled before the boys and the Ame. They chased them 777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777,777 Dife away from the home they had made, and then returned to find Steven gone. He had not stayed behind, so where was he, why did he disappear, how did he disappear, and just when did he disappear? They need to answer each question before they can get Steven. How he disappeared is probably the easiest question. But, unfortunately, they were not full-time detectives. After that battle, they were being called from all over Est A’Phoilos to fight the Sajace. So they helped the Camentre fight them in the power of the Ame, but the Camentre needed to first allow the Ame to help them. There were mass conversions, but also mass attacks, and the four (along with you, otherwise they couldn’t manage it) were struggling to encourage the new converts to Amesian. Fortunately, the Ame are helping too, and also the Camentre are encouraging one another. Meanwhile, 2 of them, Hopen, along with some Camentre detectives, stay in the office trying to figure out where Steven is. From now on, we’ll switch back and forth between the battlefield and the office.


In the office, Hopen, Jonathan, David, and Finalti are working on the first question ‘How did Steven disappear?’. Jonathan thinks that he maybe went out in his own strength, and therefore was taken 6,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 Dife away from the house, so they should look in that radius around the house. David thinks he went out in the strength of the Ame, but then he either turned back or lost trust. Finalti identifies himself with the one who had notified them first about the Sajace attack and provides some convincing evidence that Steven lies in the hands of the Sajace. “I crept away from the house, and, turning back, I saw you rush out and into the Ame. What followed was so swift I merely caught a glimpse of one of you being snatched away from the Ame in the heat of the battle before the Sajace storm fled. I followed at a distance, and saw him being placed in a sort of cage. As he was put there, I saw him struggling to get free, and saying that he would ‘come back to the Ame and they would get revenge’ and that ‘the rest would come back, encourage him, and the Sajace would be defeated before their eyes.’” Finalti explained. “I measured the distance between your house and the cage, and found it to be 666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666,666 Dife away from the house at a 66 degree angle from your house’s door.”

“Good. Let’s go.” Hopen concluded.


Jim, Thomas, and Dr. Stunt hurried from one battle to another, trying to encourage the Camentre, and helping them fight the Sajace. But there were so many asking for help that the three decided to split up and train others along the way and then split again and so on, so they would have prayer warriors scattered all over Est A’Phoilos. So, they split up, and from now on under the heading ‘THE BATTLEFIELD’ we will go between the three.


Jim rushed to the next stop. The city of Vereday was under siege, and he was called to help the Camentre ward off the attackers. “I suppose I can train some people there,” he thought.

Upon reaching the city, he made a surprise attack on the Sajace, thus creating enough time for him to bolt inside, encourage everybody and train them in the ways of the Ame. After prayer, the whole city rushed out and chased the Sajace far away. As they ran in pursuit of the Sajace, Camentre and Ame from other cities joined the attack.

“Hey, Thomas! It looks like you joined me for a while.” Jim slapped Thomas on the back.

“Yeah, I saw everybody running out, so I thought it was maybe in pursuit of the Sajace, which it ended up being, so I ran too. Dr. Stunt is just behind us.” Thomas replied as they raced along, empowered by the Ame. “Sorry, I have to go now. I must hurry to Belante.” (Belante means ‘Wherever the LORD God calls’)

“See you later!” Jim called back over his shoulder. Suddenly he felt himself being lifted up and away. He looked around and saw the eyes of an Ame gazing kindly on him. “I think you’re heading for a new battlefield.” he said.


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