Intro: The 4D World


What This Series is About

About the Mansions




What This Series is About

This series symbolizes the 4D world, that is, what is happening all around us in the dimension we cannot see. However, Jesus’ words to us and fingerprints the spirits leave along the way tell us a lot about what is going on. As you travel with the courageous Light Master and slightly timid Andrew through this series, my prayer is that you would realize the necessity of coming to Christ before it’s too late.

The Hide Master is Satan. The Hide Mansion is life’s journey, and ultimatly hell, too, if you don’t reach Heaven in time. The Light Master is God (Jesus is God.) The Light Mansion is Heaven. The beings in the Hide Mansion (other than the ones from the Light Mansion and other than those that haven’t chosen to follow Satan) are demons and those that have chosen to follow Satan. The beings in the Light Mansion are angels and those who have “fought the good fight” and “finished the race”.

About the Mansions

The Hide Mansion belongs to the Hide Master. It houses tons of the most vile creatures imaginable, among whom the Hide Master is evil to his maximum. The Hide Master, true to his name, loves hiding in wait for any innocent, unsuspecting traveler. So, his mansion is very dark and gloomy.

The Light Mansion, on the other hand, belongs to the Light Master. This mansion the Hide Master connot bear, since he obviously cannot hide in light, and he hates it intensely. This mansion is bathed in light top to bottom, and is home to valient warriors who have had victory over the Hide Master’s hidden schemes. However, the most notable warrior is the Light Master, having fought the Hide Master till defeating him completely. But he is more than a warrior, as you shall soon find out.

Both mansions are in conflict, if it is permissible for me to say so, for we are talking about the 4D world, and everthing about the mansions and what they contain are at complete opposites. The Light Master visits the Hide Mansion frequently, not because he likes or agrees with anything in it, but rather, he searches far and wide for victims of the Hide Master so he may rescue them from his hand. But the Hide Master cannot bear to be in light of any sort, for he cannot do his schemes there, and therefore it is futile for him to go there.

Here, I will briefly list some of the types schemes that the Hide Master employes frequently (of course inside his mansion, because if he didn’t, he’d have to do it in the Light Mansion, and he knows better than that). There are four main types:







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