The Hide Master


Chapter 1, Intro

Chapter 2, A Normal Day

Chapter 3, Someone’s Against Me!

Chapter 4, Tough Stuff

Chapter 5, The Plan

Chapter 6, Truth

Chapter 7, “What Will my Friends Say?”

Chapter 8, What’s Coming Next

Chapter 1, Intro

Born in the Hide Mansion, Andrew learned tons about the Hide Master. But the ‘facts’ are false! However, he dosn’t know that they are false until he finds the Light Master.

Andrew and his friends belong to a group called ‘The Wayside Troublers.’ That group’s job is to make it very difficult for people to go to the Light Mansion. They were taught that the people going along that path were dangerous criminals that needed to be eliminated.

Andrew was that group’s leader, but he was quite skeptical about the things he had been told about the Hide Master, for whom he worked for. He had seen the prison, where you go after you are done working. Although he had never gone inside, the thick iron cover of the prison told him a lot about it. If you were to dare to go less than two feet from that melting dome, you would see ugly pictures signed by the Hide Master that depicted people burning while worm-like creatures patroled the area seeking a victim to fill their imense hunger.

Whether or not the pictures were reliable really didn’t matter. If you turn your attention to the prison itself, you would immediatly notice one thing: that it is exremely hot, to the point it is melting, yet somehow not collapsing. Then, as you look carefully at the entrance, you see that it is a statue of the Hide Master, and you go inside under his feet which are on an angle towards each other to form a triangular roof.

This prison made Andrew wonder how loving the Hide Master really was. If this was how he treated his followers, Andrew didn’t want to be one of his followers. But who else would he follow? Was there a ruler more loving than the Hide Master that even existed?

Chapter 2, A Normal Day

Andrew dashed to the other end of the cave. “Come on, boys! Let’s pretend we are one of the Way Travelers!”

“Great!” they shouted in unison.

“Quiet, and remember, we’re Way Travelers for now. Perhaps we can be Wayside Troublers at the same time if we trouble them into an alley!”

The group laughed. “Remember Captain Thunderbolt!” one of them recalled humorously.

Captain Thunderbolt was a thief. After escaping the police, he moved to eastern USA and started practicing medicine as Dr. John Williams. He always wore three layers of clothes so that he would look bigger, and also cover his deformed leg. He remained undetected until his death. (The reason why one of the group members mentioned that was because if they were to act out very well as part of the Way, they would be undetected.)

So the mission began: finding Way Travelers.

It wasn’t long before they caught up with a large group of the Way, as they called Way Travelers for short. Andrew and his friends put on a big show of how nice it was to see them, and how they had been walking along the path for so long without others to go with them. And oh, why don’t we turn in this place to have a snack?

The place James (one of the Wayside Troublers, or Troublers, for short) pointed to was a spruced up cave. It was very attractive on the outside, and you could smell the delicious aroma of the food that the Troubles were eating inside wafting through the entrance, but inside was a large heap of bones where other Way Travelers had lost their lives.

But back to the groups. The leader of that particular group of the Way agreed with James and headed inside, followed by the rest of his group. But Andrew warned his group not to go inside after them, and so they plodded onward, searching for yet another group of the Way.

Dusk fell, and the group headed back to their home, preparing themselves for another day as the Wayside Troublers.

Chapter 3, Somebody’s Against Me!

It wasn’t uncommon for one of the Wayside Troublers to desert the rest of the group. Andrew was too hard, Andrew didn’t care to have fun, Andrew didn’t treat the Way hard enough, Andrew beat them for nothing, Andrew expelled someone’s friend from the group for supposed treason; the reasons went on forever.

But it was unlikely that ten would be expelled at one time.

One sweltering morning, Andrew strode along the side of the path. He was followed by his gang of folllowers. Suddenly, ten of them stopped for a lemonade. They got enough so that everyone could have some.

But Andrew and the rest of the group didn’t stop to wait for the others to catch up. They simply continued onward. By the time the ten were done buying the lemonade, the rest of the group were out of sight. The ten had to press the panic button on their walkie-talkies.

“What’s wrong now?” Andrew asked irratably over the speakers.

“We can’t see you.” the ten replied.

“As if that was reason enough to press the panic button. I have reason to believe you were putting drugs in the lemonade. What else could have taken you so long?”

“The lemonade guy was out of lemonade, so he had to make more.”

“As if I should believe you. Well, I’m going to send the most exellently vicious Hide Master to get those walkie-talkies away from you. You don’t deserve them anyhow. And, I would like to neither hear from you or see you again.”

Chapter 4, Tough Stuff

Following the explusion of the ten members, the Wayside Troublers were all punished severely just in case they had anything to do with the previous day’s incident.

That infuriated most of the members of the group. However, having said that, no one had any where else to go, so there really was no point in rebelling.

But why stay? There was nothing to gain from staying, and therefore nothing to lose from leaving. Most stayed for a while, though, simply because it usually avoided trouble with the Hide Master.

Sometimes they felt Andrew was way to harsh, but that was expected. There was to be absolutely zero tolerance. But sometimes, when Andrew was not obsessed by the terrible condition of the ditch at the side of the path that they had to walk in every single day, the group could have some fun.

But when he was thinking about that, or the jail that was so hot you could feel the heat a mile away, making it very hot at times, there was absolutely 0 tolerance, or rather, -10 tolerance.

What was really tough was actually their reputation, which was frightfully low. That made the Way travelers very wary if they saw anyone that even just looked like one of the Troublers. Their reputation also made an impact on how the members behaved. It seemed that the farther down the reputation went, the worse the members acted.

Chapter 5, The Plan

As time wore on, the sights of the prison never wore off. Instead, Andrew had a growing desire to find someone more loving than the Hide Master.

He watched the people going along the path very closely. Something about them was different, very different. They would always try to tell him and his friends about something, but they never listened.

One day, Andrew decided he was going to listen to what members of the Way had to say. But in order to do that, he would have to tell his friends he had something important to do and tell them to stay at their post while he went and carried through with his plan.

Well, the first part of his plan worked, until someone asked him what that important thing was. Andrew told them, “You guys don’t have to know every single time I do something. I’m your leader, not the other way around. And besides, haven’t you seen me going to a different place on the trail time after time to try to stop the travelers? And have I ever been disloyal to the Hide Master?”

In that way, he deceived his party members and went a long ways away from them to try to stop a traveler and ask forgiveness for trying to stop them. He also planned to ask them what they had tried to tell him so many times. But as he strode down alongside that path, his whole plan nearly turned upside down.

Chapter 6, Truth

“Ah, my dear little Andrew! Faithfully working as always before! How does a nice meal and a stay in my palace sound? You deserve it, as you always have, but this is the first time I’ve managed to find you in a long time! You’re always so busy here and there and every where that, oh boy, I guess I couldn’t find you. And now, if I guess correctly, you are on your way to stop yet another traveler. How nice of you!” the Hide Master said in a quite sly, yet flattering way.

Andrew knew better than to go with the Hide Master into his palace, so he replied in as just a sly way as the Hide Master himself, “Thank you for the invitation, Your Majesty,” (at this title the Hide Master swelled with pride) “but I was, as you accurately predicted, heading over to stop another traveler. I was simply wondering if you would like me to finish this first?”

“Well, that’s fair. Say, how long will it take you knock over another traveler?” asked the Hide Master.

“‘Bout twenty minutes for one, for a group maybe half an hour. I like catching them in groups, though, because than they are usually more pliable since one gets tempted, then he tempts the others.” Andrew responded.

“OK. Meet me on Hide Road 213 when you’re through with those guys. If you need any help, press this button.” the Hide Master handed Andrew a box with a single button on it.

That over, Andrew pocketed the box and headed down the path. As soon as he was far enough from the Hide Master, he tossed the box into a pit. He wouldn’t need any help from the Hide Master for this mission.

Farther down the path, he spotted a group of men ahead of him who were walking down the path towards some light. Andrew dashed down towards them and all but collided with somebody. Looking up, Andrew immediately recognized the figure as the rebel leader, or Light Master, the Hide Master had warned him about.

At first, Andrew wanted to run. He wondered what on earth he could have done so wrong to have run into the very figure that he was working against. But as he studied him closer, Andrew realized this was somebody kinder than the Hide Master, somebody he wanted to follow. But no, he was not a somebody, he was his new Savior, or Lord. Of course, Andrew was still a little skeptical, but he knew he wanted to follow this Master.

He had never seen light before the encounter with the Light Master, so it was quite a shock, and it took a while to get over it. He had found what he had been searching for, and he made sure to apologize to the people he had hindered from going on the road he was now following.

Chapter 7, “What Will my Friends Say?”

“Andrew,” the Light Master began.

“Yes?” Andrew responded, looking up from the book he was reading and turning to the Light Master.

“You should go and tell your friends about me. They need to know, too.” the Light Master continued. “And your family. You need to tell everybody you can about me, just like you did for the Hide Master, but in a gentle way.”

Andrew’s mouth dropped open. His main concern was his friends. They were part of the elite group of the Hide Master’s “army”, as he called it, and Andrew could easily be very hurt at their hands.

“What will my friends say?” Andrew asked as politely as he could.

“Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” the Light Master conforted Andrew. “And even if they smash you and beat you till you die, you will just be with me faster in the Light Mansion.”

So off they went in search of Andrew’s friends. It wasn’t long, however, until they came upon a fuming Hide Master.

“What are you doing here?” the Hide Master exploded at the Light Master. “And you,” the Hide Master turned to Andrew. “Didn’t I warn you about this guy?”

Andrew shrank back in fear. The Light Master stepped forward as he whispered to Andrew, Just trust me. He told the Hide Master, “I am the Light Master. And you are the Hide Master, and true to your name, too. However, you know I am more powerful than you, and you are in danger when you try to stop people under my protection.”

“I don’t care what your boastful mouth says. You are in my mansion, and I’ll show you what it’s like to be an intruder in my mansion.” the Hide Master bellowed as he slammed his paw on the ground, leaving a huge, steaming crater. “Ejército! (Spanish for ‘army’) Come here, and teach these folks a lesson.”

Andrew’s eyes grew as wide as nickles. “Ejército? Those are my friends!”

At that moment, they saw descending from all directions a group of hooligans carrying all sorts of weaponry. But they stopped dead in their tracks when they saw Andrew. Normally, if this had happened, Andrew would have beaten them for coming to hurt him. But this time was different. Andrew simply stood still, peace in his eyes.

And then Andrew spoke up, telling them about his encounter with the Light Master, and all that had happened from that time onward. He told of his questioning the Hide Master, the observations he made of the prison, or the palace, as it was sometimes called. As he spoke, the Hide Master slowly walked away; fuming as he was, he was powerless to do a thing there. Ten of Andrew’s friends accepted the Light Master, but the rest of his friends walked away, more confused than ever.

Chapter 8, What’s Coming Next

Following Andrew’s success at ministering to his friends, he started on the path which he had worked so hard to destroy.

He was now one of those whom he had worked so hard against. He was now following the One he had worked so hard to defeat. He was now repenting to those he had hurt; those he would never have thought of doing anything to than tossing off the path they were following. He was now turning into the very opposite of what he used to be.

But, would he be able to stay that way? He was used to doing some very bad things. Would they suddenly fly out of him against anyone he didn’t agree with? What if he wandered off? He didn’t know. We don’t know either, until we read the next book of the series. But rest assured, he is safe in the Light Master’s arms, for now.



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