Proofs that the Bible Stands True

A part of the Bible Eternal series

+ The destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple (A.D. 70) was predicted by Jesus over 40 years before it happened.

-Matthew 21:5-6, 20


+ The first destruction of Jerusalem (B.C. 586) was predicted by Isaiah and Jeremiah from 50 – 100 years before it happened.

– Isaiah 5; Jeremiah 25-29


+ Jesus pronounced woes on Chorazin, Capernaum and Bethsaida. Today these towns stand in ruin, while the surrounding villages are thriving. Jesus lived round A.D. 0 – 30.

– Matthew 11:20-23; Luke 10:13-15


+ Jesus commanded us to go into all the world, preaching the Good News. Today about 100 million people are left without access to a Bible. That’s a lot, but that makes for over 6 BILLION with access to a Bible!

– Matthew 28:19-20; [Mark 16:15]



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