Danny, The Beginning

Danny The Beginning         By Joshua Ben Daniel       "In the beginning, Joel made the land of Terra." Adam's voice boomed over the speakers in the old classroom. Adam was the first ever made. He and his wife, Eve, were telling the story of how the land of Terra came … Continue reading Danny, The Beginning


Adventure Land, Chapter 4

CHAPTER IV: Thomas glided over the hills. Something strange was happening. Feeling felt like an airplane on the runway, he stared down as he lifted up and rocketed away. Then, he glided downward towards a sort of cage. There stood Steven, looking almost helpless. Feeling a sudden empowerment, Thomas took hold of the cage and […]

Adventure Land, Chapter 3

CHAPTER III: The boys discussed this matter among themselves. Hopen told them that if they walk out into the Ame (the glowing things) guarding the door while attacking like a prayer warrior should, they would be a lot safer, plus, the Ame would be helping them too, so they would be 7 times as efficient. … Continue reading Adventure Land, Chapter 3

Adventure Land, Chapters 0 and 1

Adventure Land Intro: The 4 main characters in Adventure Land are Hopen Gh. Hadegs, Jim T. L., Thomas. V. Washington, and Dr. Vace E. Stunt. They, along with Steven, visit exotic locale together until Steven disappears. Where is Steven, why did he disappear, how did he disappear, and just when did he disappear? The last … Continue reading Adventure Land, Chapters 0 and 1